The firm provides versatile, high quality and insightful advice on all aspects of Somaliland employment law to clients in the all economic sector in Somaliland We have acted for both employers and Employees in advising on Somaliland law employment issues (both in contentious and non-contentious matters) and this has given us a valuable understanding of the employment relationship. We have a proven record in assisting clients in all aspects of employment law including drafting and advising on:


  • Contracts for employees, senior managers and independent consultants of various Somaliland and non- Somaliland organizations.
  • Hiring and firing of employees, including advising on fair, unfair, constructive and summary dismissal
  • Provision of legal advice and representation on employee disputes in all tiers of administrative and judiciary venues in Somaliland.


Compliance of Human resource policies and procedures. Somlegal’s team has probably conducted more local labor law assessments, advice, and representation than any other lawyers in Somaliland, we represented more than 100 employment disputes, developed more than 150 employment contracts, provided more than +300 employment memorandums. We are very familiar with the current local labor laws in Somaliland.