Translation, due diligence and notarial services

SOMELEGAL advises on all areas of corporate and commercial law and provides the full spectrum of legal services including:


In addition to legal and advisory services, Somlegal provides additional professional services to our client’s needs. These services all legal documents; due diligence services on all business and corporate-related transactions. Somlegal provides registered notarial services for our clients to register their business and contractual transactions, our team understands the requirements of every business and contract transaction, this is why our notarial services is different from any other notaries in town. Following are the notarial services, we provide:

1. Notarization of real estate (land, property, etc) purchase and sale agreements.


2. Notarizing of the consent letter of minor to travel.


3. Attestation and certification of original documents, passports, ID’s, title deeds.


4. Preparation and certification of power of attorney, deeds, contracts, wills.


5. Preparation and certification of alternative dispute resolution decisions


6. Statutory declarations for loss and damaged passports, ID’s and other original important documents


We also provide mobile services for our corporate, and international organizations based on their needs.