Legal and justice reform

SOMELEGAL advises on all areas of corporate and commercial law, and provides the full spectrum of legal services including:


Our team was among active and key players in designing and implementation of legal and justice reform initiative and processes in Somaliland for the past ten years. Our team includes legal professionals who have served for almost a decade in the Somaliland justice sector as senior legal consultants to Somaliland House of Representatives and government Ministries on drafting legislations relating to business and private sector such as companies, investment and Energy to mention some ; and to UNDP and Somaliland Justice and judiciary institutions on designing and implementation of justice and judicial reform and capacity development projects, and thereby acquired reliable knowledge of the overwhelming potential for the sector development. Accordingly, our firm is well-placed to provide legal and consultancy services to Somaliland Government Ministries and institutions, and their international development partners on:

  • Legislative reform including legal research and drafting on areas relating to business and the private sector, energy and mining, employment; public financial management and justice systems,
  • Designing and implementation of capacity building and reform methods to improve legal, human rights and justice/judiciary institutions and systems in Somaliland;