Somlegal Services is a full service law firm which provides professional, effective and efficient legal services to its client. Whilst large enough to meet the demands of our major corporate clients for work of the highest professional standards, we also offer a highly personal and cost-effective service to private clients.  

Our team of lawyers at Somlegal Services constitutes the largest Law Firm in the Somaliland.  We have a wide variety of in-house expertise and specializations.  We work individually or collectively as a team and any of our clients have access to and are able to draw on the experiences of all of the lawyers as a whole, rather than a specific individual alone.

We are very familiar with the local laws, policies/regulations and administrative decrees passed by Somaliland authorities. We understand the local culture, and local perspectives of business and corporate regulations, thus provide effective and efficient services to our clients. 

We are situated in Somaliland with sub-offices in Mogadishu we are able to provide services throughout Somalia. 

Although our firm is also engaged in work to open up investment flows and assist local organizations with employment dispute settlement.


By providing our clients with professional, cost-effective, and efficient legal services. We are very happy to help our clients and their organizations to solve their legal problems. 

We find priority in understanding the culture and business environment in which our client operate. We align ourselves with client’s strategic objectives, ensuring a maximum input at all levels of client’s supply chain.